Work On Climate has many sub-communities for people looking to work in climate in a specific sector, in a particular job role, or geographic area.

Each community is a #️⃣ Slack channel, many also have home pages.

Communities operate in a variety of ways - from simple networking and sharing resources, to running events and producing useful guides together.

Community Types

👋🏽 Communities for Everyone: Topics common to the entire WoCl community.

💼 Jobs: Job postings by sector and role, as well as job discussion boards.

📍 Local meetups: Meet people from your region and join in-person events. Not listed in the directory below, but easy to find on slack: Search all with #meet- (your city)

🌍 Regional Communities: Discuss regional topics for a given geography. Search all with #geo-

🎩 Role Based Communities: Communities for people in a common job role. Search all with #role-

🏗️ Learning Groups: Learn about work in a specific climate sector, and get advice from sector experts. These communities often work together to produce output (e.g. a white paper, a viable business plan, case studies). Search by sector title, #learn- or #topic-

Want to start your own community?

Fantastic! See Start a community.

🗺️ Community directory

See our Slack Channel Directory to easily browse and search channels (make sure to check the table of contents!)

OR Find a community you like and join the channel via the Slack channel browser (press “+”, Browse channels in the Channels section in the app, or press Ctrl/Cmd+K and start typing the channel name).

Home pages of individual communities

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Regenerative Agriculture


Social Science