Host: Eugene Kirpichov

If you'd like to join: Join #learning-group-psy

Time commitment: 1-4 hours per week.

Schedule: Every other Tuesday 3pm PT (add to calendar)

Meeting notes: here

Why this topic?

How does the group operate?

We actively study topics within the group's scope and produce permanent artifacts to help others learn faster.


One of us (or an external speaker we invite) gives a presentation on a topic and we discuss the findings.

Occasionally we might do community-wide events. Contact Eugene to organize one.

Findings are summarized into Social Science Starter Pack.

Case Studies

Someone comes to the group to co-brainstorm or help do some literature review for their project.

See ‣.

Findings are summarized under Case studies.

Can I join?

If you're interested in working with the group: (research topics, help summarize them, invite speakers etc.), you're very welcome to join at any time! Join #learning-group-psy and say hi, add the event above to your calendar, and hop in.

If you're interested in simply reading up on the topics: you can read the resources in the Social Science Starter Pack. The group's Slack channel is not for exchanging resources: it is for coordinating the group's efforts. If you don't have interest or availability for directly participating in the efforts, you don't need to stay in the channel.

Can the group help me research/analyze something?

Yes! We offer help with brainstorming/research - please see ‣.


Case studies