Written by the Climate Justice 101 project of Work on Climate's climate justice learning group.

🧐 Introduction: What is Climate Justice?

Climate Debt, Fair Shares, and Wealth

Climate Justice and Capitalism

Environmental Racism & Intersectionality

Indigenous Rights & Land Sovereignty

Labor & Just Transition

About this Document

Please note: We are a volunteer learning group as part of the Work On Climate community, not scholars or frontline experts, and we don't have one unified opinion because climate justice and collective wellbeing are complex. This is our first attempt at a beginner-friendly guide to organize and amplify existing work, and we're grateful for feedback to improve upon this version. Sign up here if you're interested in updates or getting involved—we hope this will be a living document. (more context in About this Document)

Introduction: What is Climate Justice?

What is it?

Why does it matter?

What can I do about it?

What is it?

Climate justice has many definitions and implications. You may have seen the term “climate justice” used in many related but diverse contexts—