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Discover new channels ⛵

Browse through all channels in the Channel Browser (Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+L). Sort A to Z to see the naming conventions that makes it easier to explore our growing number of channels:

#jobs- Job postings by sector and role, as well as job discussion boards #meet- Meet people from your region and join in-person events. #geo- Discuss regional topics for a given geography. #learn- Learn about specific climate sectors, get advice from experts. #role- Communities for people in a common job role.

Tune your notification controls 🔔

Avoid notifications at night

By default, you only get notified for direct messages (DMs) or @mentions. To avoid getting notified late at night, setup a notification schedule.

Get notified later about a specific post

You can mark a message as unread to follow up on it later. You can also get reminded via notification at a later time. Hover over the message, click triple-dot menu, and expand Remind me about this menu. At the selected time, you’ll receive a direct message from Slackbot with options to Mark Complete, Delete, or Snooze, and a link back to the original message.

Get notified for every post in channel (or none)

By default, new posts to a channel will show unread on the sidebar. To receive a notification (e.g. everytime someone posts to #jobs-data), click on the channel-name and expand the ‘Get Notifications’ dropdown. You can change to All Message or turn Off.

Get notified whenever X gets mentioned

Setup keyword notifications to learn whenever your topics of interest get mentioned in any channel you are in. For example, enteringforestry, biomimicry, packaging, circular economy, restoration in Preferences > Notification > My Keywords will send you a notification whenever any one of these phrases is typed in posts visible to you.

Stop notifications on a thread

By default, if you reply to a thread, you will receive notification for follow-up replies. To opt out of individual threads, hover on the parent message and click the triple-dot menu: ‘Turn off notifications for replies’

Search for words or people 🔎

Slack’s search is very powerful: you can search for messages or people, with filters for message location channel, sender, date, and many more! Access this functionality at top of Slack window, or by using keyboard shortcut Cmd/Ctrl + G.


Group channels on sidebar 📂