Thank you for offering your precious and limited free time to help build Work On Climate! Everything you're seeing in Work on Climate was built by volunteers like you, who feel passionately about bringing more people into climate work.

We are getting a lot done with very little - and we should be proud of ourselves!

Working on an all-volunteer team is different from working on a full-time team! We have to go the extra mile to help each other be at our best.

We need to be particularly respectful of each other's limited time, and have certain agreements with each other around availability, responsiveness, and proactive communication.

💬 Be responsive

<aside> 💡 Respond to teammates on Slack usually within 1 business day, almost always within 2


Please don't ghost, and don't make people chase you.

Why: When you fail to respond to a team member, it is draining for them - they may be stuck without your response, or they may need to spend their time deciding whether it's time to send you another ping, or involve someone else, and who exactly.

📢 Communicate early about your availability

<aside> 💡 Give a heads up about your availability as early as possible.


Why: When you communicate early that you’ll be unavailable, others can plan their work around it. On the other hand, when your unavailability is a surprise, it disrupts other people’s work.


✅ "Heads up that I'll be on vacation the next 2 weeks" 😑 "Sorry I missed the past couple of meetings, I was on vacation the past 2 weeks"


✅ "Heads up that I won't be able to work on this task for the next 2 weeks, I have some work deadlines coming up" 😑 "Sorry I didn't make any progress, I had some work deadlines come up"

🗓️ Attend team meetings

<aside> 💡 Attend at least 75% of your team's meetings on average. Try to not miss more than 1 meeting in a row.