This is a community-authored list of resources on how to find companies that apply ML to climate tech.

The list started out of sourcing speakers for PAW Climate (the first conference on industry applications of ML to climate tech) and it quickly became clear that it should be shared with the community.

Search strategy

There are a great many companies at the intersection of ML and climate tech. The list of "Known Companies" below is not comprehensive, and it is biased towards the networks of the authors of this page (e.g. primarily US- and UK-centric). How can you find more?

Check regularly

The climate tech world is booming, and if you check again using any of the methods below in a month or two, there's a good chance there'll already be a lot of new companies.


You can search LinkedIn jobs for "climate change" + your favorite ML search terms. This produces pretty decent results, though they are not comprehensive - many companies do not advertise themselves as specifically targeting climate change. Many earlier-stage ones also don't have job postings on LinkedIn.

Climatebase is the current state of the art directory of companies whose work is in some way related to climate. A query for "AI" produces decent results as well, though browsing through them all can be challenging.

Search by sector

You can pick a sector and search for companies with that keyword on LinkedIn, Climatebase, or Google, e.g. "smart buildings ai companies".

ML can be (and is) applied in most sectors of climate. gives a great way to find sectors and ways that ML applies there: it is more research-focused and does not always tell you what the companies are, but it is a good way to find an area that piques your interest.


Find companies that attend "green" events such as VERGE20 (speakers). There's no way to filter which ones are hiring or which ones are using ML though.

Go through invited speakers at past events by Climate Change AI. New climate tech focused conferences are starting to appear, e.g. PAW Climate.

VCs and incubators